Humor and Inspiration from a Certified Public Pothead

So now that you hopefully know who I am, I wanted to introduce you to my Blog. Everyone has a blog, just like everyone has a Podcast (Hopefully you have listened to our podcast Higher Connections.

This blog will be a way for me to share some interesting experiences, thoughts and observations that I have while I am high. It will essentially aim to be an extension of the content in my book without going through the appropriate editing and proofing that my book did. This will likely result in spelling errors, multiple words used in the wrong place and duplicate duplicate words.  It is what it is and I will try to cut down on them as much as possible but given the fact that a lot of what I write will be while I’m high, this is bound to occur (it may also take me several hours to write a short blog).

I aim to elaborate on things we have spoken about on our podcast that may need more explanation or scientific research, comment and try to summarize interesting connections that I have while high or comment on random observations that I have while high.

I am noone important in the grand scheme of things but I hope that you find what I write interesting and humorous, if nothing else.

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